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medical claim audit

Shoreline’s expert billing staff focuses on every aspect of claims before submission. We utilize various methods to minimize claim rejections and are equipped to handle rejections succinctly and accurately should they occur.

We pride ourselves in our ability to excel in this area. We know claims that do not meet basic formatting or include specific data requirements will have a negative impact on medical offices’ efficiency and revenue.

We understand that rejected medical claims are not processed by insurance companies. Small factors such as incorrect policy information or date of birth can lead to rejections. When certain claims are not completed correctly, this can lead to missed filing limits and lost revenue.

Solution To Fixing Rejections


We use tools that allow us to address claims prior to the filing limits. Claim rejections are fixed and reprocessed within a 24 – 48-hour turnaround. We stay dedicated every step of the process to reduce the number of your AR days.

To find out how we can save you time and increase your bottom line with our claims audit services, contact us today.

  We treat your business like it’s our own and this is what our clients love about us.


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