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Medical Billing Eligibility

Medical Billing Eligibility & Benefits Verification is one of the most neglected processes in the revenue cycle. We know that a patient’s eligibility and benefits can change at any moment which causes an increase in claim denials, loss of revenue, and increase patient dissatisfaction. We also know that the processes involved to stay on top of these tasks can take precious time away from other operational duties.

To receive payments for services, healthcare providers need to verify each patient’s eligibility and benefits before visits. This is where Shoreline comes in. Allow us to handle Eligibility & Benefits Verification by providing you with a team of experts to maintain a consistent and accurate verification process. Our specialists will routinely follow up with insurance carriers and monitor any changes as needed.

How the Shoreline Eligibility & Benefits Verification services will help?

Reduce The Need For Re-Submitted Claims
Fast Turnaround For Verification Of Benefits
Increase Upfront Collection
Minimize Rejections And Denials
Improves Overall Medical Billing Process
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