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Provider enrollment services enable practices to get enrolled for the services they provide by ensuring that payers have the data they need to process claims for the services you provide. Provider credentialing, the process of getting a physician or provider affiliated with payers, is a critical step in the revenue cycle. We work diligently to identify and resolve potential administrative issues before they impact your provider reimbursements.


Credentialing and enrollment services allow you to:

  • Enroll with insurance companies
  • Keep your fee schedule up to date with payers
  • Process faster payments from insurances
  • Receive more patient referrals
  • Avoid paperwork pile up
  • Reduce denials and identify
    provider trends

Credentialing and enrollment is a critical factor for providers. Our experienced staff thoroughly performs the credentialing for providers by reviewing the necessary documents and filing out the required forms and following up until they are credentialed.

Why Outsource with Shoreline


Partnering with Shoreline will take care of the complexities of the process. Our staff has the knowledge, the training, and the time to spend on the details to ensure you are fully credentialed.

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