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Our goal is to maintain the highest levels of integrity through compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards in accordance with HIPAA regulations for the markets in which we operate.

All employees are expected to adhere to these laws, regulations and ethical standards and management is responsible for ensuring such compliance.
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HIPAA Compliant


Shoreline is serious about protecting patient information. We are HIPAA compliant and follow a number of procedures to ensure that our patients’ data remains safe. We prevent unauthorized access by encrypting all production floor workstations, limiting employee clearance levels, issuing unique IDs and access cards that cannot be forged or shared with others outside the company.

Offshore Security


Shoreline is one of the most secure working environments in India. We have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure to protect your data. We require secure VPN connections. If an employee needs to access data, they must login with their credentials for each client and it cannot be shared among employees. Employees are not allowed to use any personal devices.

We are also 24/7 monitored by Closed Circuit TV (CCT) compliance protocols so we know what's happening at all times on the production floor. Disabling USBs and CD-drives is an important step we take to protect sensitive information from being taken out of the office. Employees operate under firewall protection which prohibits them from accessing social media sites like Facebook as well as personal emails.

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Security and privacy are important to us at Shoreline. We ensure that all of our emails are encrypted to protect patient information from potential breaches or identity theft.


All employees must complete a 30-day training and assessment test to ensure they understand HIPAA compliance before they become a member of the production team. The test ensures that all team members are familiar with their responsibilities when dealing with patient information.

Patient and Insurance Company Calls


We take great pride in our quality communications with your patients and insurance providers. Each employee is trained on how to professionally interact, listen, and respond on calls. Our calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.
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